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What makes you happy? What’s the next step on your career path? Only you have the answers to these questions, but we are here to listen. We truly believe that by paying close attention to your answers, we can help find a place where you can excel, without wasting your time or ghosting you, we promise.

Our promises to you

We are in the business for the long run; we want to guide you along the way.
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Shokunin. Pronounced: sjow-ku-nien: A Japanese word meaning craftsman/woman or artisan. A shokunin is a master of their profession. They practice with spiritual devotion and are dedicated to doing the right thing for the general welfare of the people. TL;DR: we are devoted masters of recruitment.


No matter how many great new opportunities there are awaiting you in this market, the fact remains; a change in your career path is a significant life event. And because we get that, we will never waste your time by forcing you to fit some profile to meet the needs of our clients. What we will do is start by asking you this: What gets you out of bed every morning? Tell us your story, we’re all ears.


A successful process should feel effortless, or as we like to call it,frictionless. Our daily mission is to enrich the process, to make it smarter. Which means you’ll be able to communicate with your future employer directly from the get-go, using our very own pipeline tool. And no matter the outcome, we guarantee a 24 hour response time after an interview. TL;DR: our smart, frictionless process will fit you like a glove.


For us, it's just simple mathematics; our fee should never depend on how high your salary ends up being, right? That’s why we work differently. Charging a flat fee which enables us to focus on finding your best possible match.. Sounds about right. Right?

What's your craft?

UX/UI Design

Keep things simple.


Three click rule.

Digital Marketing

Knowing your market place.

Data & Analytics

Actionable Insights.

What others say about us

I really felt listened to which made the whole process so easy. So grateful!

Eveline, candidate CRM/ Email Marketeer

You guys are the best. Keep up the great work. Thank you so much for a job well done!

Rob, candidate Senior Creative

Shokunin is always on the lookout for new talent. Let's talk, we'll give you a call!

The team

Our team of experts and experienced recruiters are at your disposal. Give us your number, and the best time to reach you, and we’ll gladly give you a call or send you a text.

Dino Hoeven

Talent Scout

Frederique Henraat
Frederique Henraat

Community Manager

Arjan Farzkenari
Arjan Farzkenari

UX Designer

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