CV New Style Template

It’s about you!

We created a template for a cv for you that is not a cv. Simply because we think it was much overdue. We would love for you to use it but also to give us feedback on it. So we can improve it, develop it. The idea is to make this piece of paper about, well, you! What makes you tick, what are your competencies, and what makes you happy? We can read the rest on LinkedIn, right? Right!

Start creating your cv-not cv-template right now! This template uses the free editing software CANVA.
Follow these 3 steps:

1) Create a free CANVA-account, this just takes a couple of minutes.
2) Open this link:
3) This will open up the document in the Canva Tool. You are free to edit as you see fit. All of the text boxes are pre-positioned and image boxes are set up for you to simply drag and drop your photos in. On the second page you find a Skills Library for some inspiration. When you’re done, save it and download/print as PDF.

Good luck and we hope you get the job!

Team Shokunin